To whom it may not concern,

Have you ever spent time watching a flower wilt,
Go without water or sunlight,
Change positions while looking for the outside,
And die in the shade?

Oh how I do admire that confidence, 
The way it fills a room with conspiracy
Before anyone even asked,
The way it lets you bridge the gap
By walking on air,
It is both stunning and horrifying. 

Tell me, 
Do you grow bullshit in a garden
Next to the seasonal vegetables?
Or do you prefer to get it from
Your favorite Facebook marketplace?

There is passion in your apathy,
So much so that caring 
has become a disease
Worse than any pandemic. 
I know the sun can be bright, 
But I hope that when the storm comes,
Clouds raining down the blood
Ignorance has spilled over,
You’ll take off those sunglasses.

Sincerely, a stupid liberal. 

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