Riveting Writing Prompts: A Land Divergent

Hello everyone, and welcome to Solidly Liquid.

Something I’ve decided to bring back from my old blog is a series I call Riveting Writing Prompts, where I take writing prompts from around the internet and write short stories based on them. Since I am moving the series to this blog, I’ve decided to just start it over. Here is the first prompt:

With the prompt laid out, here the story:

It all happened fairly quick. One day I was alone in my room, endlessly scrolling through my phone, and wondering what it is I would do with my life. College was fast approaching and I still had no idea. I had figured before that deciding when I got there would be easy enough, but that soon felt like easier said than done. The stress had been building for a while now, and the more I thought about it the more it felt like I was gonna pop like a balloon. “James, can you come help me decorate the living room?” My family and I had recently just moved into a new house, so it only makes sense that my mom would. However, as I got out of my bed and began to approach the door, the ground beneath me began to shake violently. I was soon knocked down to the floor, at which point a blindingly bright light shone in from the window near the corner. I closed my eyes and laid down on the floor.

After a few minutes, the ground stopped rumbling and the normal sunlight returned. I quickly walked over to my bedroom door and opened it, only to find that my room was now sitting in the middle of a field of grass. My house and the rest of my family were nowhere to be found. The panic set in quickly, and my body began to sweat all over. In my head the surroundings completely disappeared. It was at this point that I could think of how I was going to get back home. My body was stuck. It was as if the door frame captured me, unwilling to let me advance. Except, I knew that I was the only one prevent progress. 

However, my fear was soon overwhelmed by a loud, continuous noise, which was accompanied by a large pillar of flames that appeared to be coming from somewhere off in the distance. Seeing as how I had no other decent options, I headed towards the fire. Once again though, the fear took over. My head soon filled with nightmares about being torched on sight, or finding out that the people in that direction were actually some kind of human traffickers having a rough time, and that I was about to just wander in their and be there next breakthrough. For as much as that fear lingered over me, it made no sense to worry about it now. 

As I got closer to the fire, I saw two people, one man and one woman, standing around what appeared to be some kind of outline on the ground, with pillar of flames rising up from its center. “Excuse me…” I tried getting there attention, but the flames were too loud. While walking towards the two I tripped over myself, which apparently caught their attention, as the fire stopped and they rushed over to help. “Hey, man, you gotta be careful. Were practicing some really dangerous magic over here. Are you alright.” “Yeah, I’m fine,” I responded, “but, wait, did you just say magic?” They immediately looked back at each other with a confused look, and then again turned their attention to me. “Yeah, you know, magic, the thing the world basically runs on.” It occurred to me at that moment that I was no longer in the same universe as before. Still, the fear in me had more or less run out, so it did not come as big of a shock as one might think.

“Ok, I know this is going to sound crazy, but I am actually from another world altogether. Quick question though, do you guys know what technology is?” The woman responded this time. “You mean that stuff in fairy tales about how humans used metal to build great machines to revolutionize the world?” “Wait, did the first part of my question not phase you?” They looked back at each other again, and again to me. “No, not really.” “In fact, we can send you back right now, if you want,” said the guy. “Seriously?” I never thought it would be that easy, but I suppose it is a magical world. 

The two prepared a new circle and told me to stand in the middle. “Now, just think about where it is you want to go back to.” “Oh, and don’t forget whatever you came with.” At that point I remembered my room too. I closed my eyes, and a few seconds later I was back in my room. I rushed to the window and looked outside, and I saw the rest of my house, along with my mom’s beat up old car peeking out from the driveway. I was home. “Well, that was a pretty lame other-world experience.”

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